Saturday, November 10, 2012

Solidworks - Sketching Line

Solidworks again...
Everything start from here, when I become like a madness student. So far I haven't ever known how to sketch some contiguous line concecutively which dont have any relation among them with just one click at line toolbar. Although I have already got an Essentials training last month, I still confuse how to figure out. But, just now I can figure how it works coincidentially. Hahaha, how stupid I am...

OK, there are two known method to sketch new line:

1. By Click-Click

Use the pointer to click at start position then release your mouse button, move around the pointer as you want, there will be a pointer trail will follow your pointer movement show you the line preview. Click on a position as you want to place the end point of line, then release the mouse button.
1st line added to your sketch..
If you want to add more line related with the last sketched line, just click on next desired position, then release your mouse button. The line will added, OK? next method...

2. By Click-Drag

Use the pointer to click at start position, hold and drag the mouse button to the desired end of line position. A line created...
Next, if you want to add more line which don't have any relation with the last sketched line, just repeat click and drag...

So simple, but so far it can answer my question.
Any concern, please let me know


  1. this is using google sketch up?

  2. Pak Rio, it's created using SOLIDWORKS from Dassault Systemes...Google sketchup, I haven't used yet..